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People often become a little confused about the relationships between Merchant
Service Providers
and Internet Payment Gateways. This is not surprising, since
there are so many, and the relationships between them all are like tangled webs.

To process transactions a merchant needs both:
  • A merchant account, and
  • An approved Payment "Gateway"
  • Authorize.Net is one of the internet's premier gateways, leading the industry innovatively since 1996. Authorize.Net is the first choice of many seasoned website developers, for good reason. Chances are, your webmaster sent you here.

    Authorize.Net's gateway services, however, are not available directly from Authorize.Net, but through a nationwide network of authorized resellers.
    Cardservice International is similarly recognized industry-wide as THE leading source of merchant processing, specializing in approving small-to-medium sized businesses, including home-based start-ups. If you've looked into securing merchant bankcard processing from your local'll appreciate what it means to be approved in minutes, online!!
    Cardservice International's products and services are only available through a nationwide network of independently-owned agent offices.
    This convenient and secure online application is brought to you by Cardservice High Sierra... an exclusive, California-based agent of Cardservice International since well as one of Authorize.Net's first authorized resellers... since the very beginning.

    An unfortunate, but not so uncommon by-product of the rapid expansion of the payment processing industry, is that it has become saturated with agencies and representatives who appear out of nowhere and then blow away with the wind 6 months later. Not surprisingly, many people have become quite uncomfortable trusting something as serious as their cash flow to such unknowns...

    If you are the type who insists on dealing with a rock of stability and experience in the industry... you have found the right place. Our agency has repeatedly been recognized for our long-term client retention...many still with us from the earliest days!

    It is our sincere hope that you actually enjoy the experience of actually accomplishing two traditionally complex but essential e-business tasks; online...and in just a few minutes! Click to continue!

    Thank You. It is our pleasure to welcome you aboard...

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