New Account Express Setup! Our Risk-Free Guarantee
Unlike most service providers, we do not charge an "application" fee,
to "see" if we can approve you.

One-time fee for combined merchant account/gateway
enrollment is only $29.00!
(Compare at up to $800.00! Really... no joke!)

No ridiculously-expensive leases or hidden application fees.

Visa / MasterCard Discount Rate is only 0.0243, with a .25
transaction fee.
Authorize.Net transaction fee is .05
Cardservice Merchant Support (24/7/365) fee is $10.
Authorize.Net Monthly Gateway Access fee is $29.

Apply Now!
PS: All Applicatons
are processed on a
secure server

Express setup turnaround time averages 2 business days.
Rarely, accounts may require additional information, and
experience slightly longer setup times.

You may apply to accept American Express and Discover as
well with this online application, and those accounts are
approved independently by those respective companies.
Cardservice International® is a registered service provider for the following FDIC-insured banks: About our service Copyright 2005 - All right reserved
Wells Fargo Bank, Walnut Creek, CA First Financial Bank, Denver, CO

IMPORTANT: This automated application service is unsuitable for the some business categories:
  • This system cannot be used to obtain merchant accounts for "Adult-related", gambling or illegal products.
  • Accounts with unusual circumstances, like" average-ticket" amounts over $1000.00 may need to apply via conventional means, at higher cost.
  • Extensive technical support and developer resources are available to all clients upon account activation, but this site does not provide pre-purchase educational services. This site's sole purpose is to expedite the implementation of an Authorize.Net enabled Cardservice International® Merchant Account.
  • We do not charge any fees in the unlikely event we are not able to approve your account.
  • This service available only to companies based in the United States of America.