Why are you paying more for Internet Service?
HYPERNET ACCELERATOR and 24/7 Tech Support
Internet Service
for only $9.95/month?

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We at DNAAmerica are committed to making your internet service the best it can be. Our customers are our first priority. We feel that we have created an internet service package that has no competition.
Simple and hassle-free Our plans are simple and hassle-free.

Our prices, service and additional controls have been packaged with you, the customer, in mind. Whatever your needs or concerns we know we will make you happy.

Our Customer Service and Tech Support staff is ready 24/7 to answer your questions or address your problems.

You can view your time used, make billing changes and check your email anytime, from any computer, anywhere.
Give our Customer Service a call and get a new dialup number wherever your moving to. They will walk you through the simple change and your up and running again in minutes nationwide.
Email the owner directly.
Have ideas, suggestions or something our friendly support personnel are unsure of or you don't agree with? All you have to do is send us a quick email.
Simple and hassle-freeNo middleman
Simple and hassle-freeNo supervisors
Simple and hassle-freeNo problems.

Know of something that may make things better for everyone?
Link suggestions? Personal opinions?
You have the controls...
all internet services are not the same...
make the best choice!
Call 1-866-462-3168


  • No more Junk Mail
  • E-mail virus scanners
  • Keep your computer safe from viruses attached to emails
  • No Contracts
  • You only pay month to month

Additional Services


Surf the web up to 5X faster than regular dialup.

Parental Controls

Keep control over what is seen and done on your computer.