Great for eating seeds at indoor sporting events, in your office, in your car and many other place where the traditional spitting of the shells is not permitted. No more seed spills or tipped over spit cups Travel Container for seeds and shells Fits in your cup holder

SeedMate is a new and unique container, designed for the dispensing of Sunflower Seeds while also providing space in the container for the discarded seed shells.

The SeedMate allows people to enjoy eating sunflower seeds while indoors, in their cars and many other places where the traditional spitting of the seed shells would not be accepted.

Those who attempt to eat seeds in their car or indoors, find themselves looking for a disposable cup to spit the shells into, only to have them tip over and spill.

The SeedMate eliminates this problem.

The SeedMate is actually two containers in one, with a split lid that works independently with each side. This unique, yet practice design, makes the SeedMate a must have, for all who enjoy eating sunflower seeds.
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