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Featured Graphic Design Project

SpoonFeeder Auction Software Company name: SpoonFeeder Inc.
Website: www.SpoonFeeder.com
Executed projects: Website design, Logo design, Ad creation, Software templates, CD label design, Exhibit booth posters

SpoonFeeder originally contacted us regarding template development for their E-commerce/Auction software. The professional relationship rather quickly developed into an inquiry regarding their site to be re-designed.

After developing their logo, banner ads, Flash presentation, and site re-design, SpoonFeeder hired us to develop a T-shirt and CD label design. We then created the posters and banner for their booth at the E-Bay Live Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. We hate to toot our own horn, so just read what Gene Chandler had to say after the trade show.

SpoonFeeder booth at eBay Live Trade Show Gene Chandler, Director of SpoonFeeder Inc. wrote:
"I was very happy with the graphics and the look of our exhibit. Our booth looked really attractive and I think the color choice was a good one as most all other exhibitors used lots of blues and reds. There was very little yellow/golden color seen in the exhibits by others.
We played the flash intro you designed full screen, along with a 2 minute screen camera movie of the software in a loop. We projected this onto a central screen with a DLP projector.
Your graphics were on both sides and above on the header, as you can see from the pictures.
A lot of attendees spent time looking into the details of the swirling main graphic and it caused them to stop and look and of course we then had the chance to offer them a chocolate covered spoon, collect their contact information from their badge, enter them into a drawing, etc. We collected the second highest number of contacts, a total of 972 in three days; that was a total of 17 hours. It was nearly one per minute constantly and much higher at times. ("We got slammed!") The only exhibiting company that collected more leads than us was Nikon and they were giving away substantially more expensive goodies. But, everyone loved the chocolate covered spoons that we gave out it generated a lot of traffic for us. We also gave out a few hundred t-shirts to select visitors. All 10,000 demo CD's were distributed to every attendee in their conference bag they received during registration and we look forward to seeing those installed and registered over the next several months. Already we are seeing a marked increase in new registrations. Everyone raves about the website."

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