The design company PepFX has been closed in October 2007, however the members of PepFX individually continue to offer their design and development services as freelancers, if the project seems interesting. To contact a member of PepFX, please use the regular contact form!

Sabina The Art of Sabina Nore The Art of Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore

Fine art painter, surrealist

In the tradition of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, Sabina Nore paints in the surrealistic style using classic mediums like oils as well as experimenting in more modern approaches and mediums; some of the artworks lean towards the visionary or fantastic genre. Living and working in Vienna, Austria, her artworks are available internationally. Please visit her website for more information on the artist and the paintings.

Artist website:

Ryan Nore The Art of Ryan Nore The Art of Ryan Nore

Ryan Nore

Artist, illustrator, caricaturist

Ryan Nore is a commercial artist, illustrator and caricaturist that specializes in humorous illustrations and cartoons, although in no way limited by his speciality and perfectly capable of many artistic and design styles. He also is a very proficient programmer and developer having work in the internet industry as such since 2000.

Artist website:

Our Name

We chose the name PepFX because The Best WebDesign And Development Company In The was too long and sounded like hype. Besides the dictionary defines "Pep" as "full of energy and vigor" and that describes our work ethic. "FX" is an acronym for "effects" as in "special effects", which describes our creative flair. Combined these two elements create a dynamic force that enables us to conceive and develop the impression your company, product, or service gives to those who view your website/presentation.

PepFX - our name tells you what you can expect.


Would you be interested in selecting a company based in one of the world's leading centers throughout the centuries for artistic innovation? One that incorporates the talents of some of the best web designers/programmers in their fields from all over the world? Yet can give you personalized attention and responsive service no matter where you are located?

PepFX is your best choice.

Based in Vienna, Austria, we were founded in 2000 and have since then shown remarkable growth in loyal clientele due to our commitment to serve our clients with current, innovative concepts and strategies.


At PepFX our goal is to serve you. Period.

We realize the value of our clients. Therefore our goal is to provide them with courteous professional service - quickly, accurately, completely and economically. We fully intend to be one of the best service providers on and off the internet and are well on our way to becoming just that.

Have a look at the feedback some of our clients have given us.


We have some of the most creative minds and imaginations working to provide, improve, and/or develop graphics, animation, audio, applications and more that will exceed your expectations. We take pride in being among a select few design and development firms who have introduced new and imaginative ways of displaying or presenting an idea, company, product, service, or person to the World Wide Web.

If your project requires creative thinking, think PepFX.

Browse our portfolio to see some of the work we have done in the past to get an idea of our creativity.


We can implement your ideas to perfection or we can present you with various options you may not have envisioned. Just as you know the intricate details that affect your business, we are extremely good at what we do. For a more detailed explanation of our abilities have a look at the services section of our site.

PepFX is your competent choice.


The internet is fast paced and constantly moving and changing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To keep pace, you need a company that shares the energy and never-closed existence of the internet. PepFX is your most reliable choice. You will find us capable, dependable, and quick to respond to your requests and desires.

Need proof?

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