Getting the most out of Your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not about nifty tricks or super-secret knowledge. More than anything else it is about common sense. When you use common sense when creating a website, you get lasting results. Using common sense, 'white hat', organic search engine optimization is the only way to go - and that is what we can help you with.

With us search engine optimization is what we do with your web site, to help you get the most out of it. We specialize in Google search engine placement, for several reasons:

Search Engine Usage Statistics 2009

Google Search63%
Yahoo Search17%
MSN Bing9%
AOL Search4% Search2%

How SEO works

Good SEO starts with a good website. We don't anymore offer search engine optimization for single pages, unless the website was built by us. So, if you are already one of our clients, you probably already know the drill. Simply let us know which search phrases you are interested in.. Otherwise, please contact us, to request a proposal for your website re-design, including search engine optimization.

Note: If we think that we can't get the desired results for the keywords you choose, we will tell you. We will only accept to optimize your pages if we know that we can get you where you need to be.

SEO Prices

The price for search engine optimization is based on 3 factors:
1. Number of pages that need to be optimized
2. Current condition of your website
3. Competitiveness of search terms (or search phrase), so the number of search results for you favorable search phrase.

Keep in mind that every page of your site is a potential entrance page - not just your front page!
See how successful we are with our own website: PepFX Search engine statistics